• 4-Post Tension Unit attaches to BAP 4-Post to add tension to a 4-Post layout.
  • Adding tension to the string results in tighter end-loop serving and equalizes strands prior to twisting.
  • Choose model for fixed or swinging posts.

Make it a bundle! Add your choice of 4 Post Jig: (Regular) Fixed or Swinging Jig OR

                                                                                                  Heavy Wide Fixed or Swinging Jig                    


Do not exceed 100 lbs of tension if using with regular jigs, or 150 lbs with the                              heavy jigs.  This will void your warranty.


CLICK HERE to watch a YouTube video.

4-Post Tension Unit/ Bundles

  • BAP Guarantees its products for 1 year from purchase. If you need replacement parts in that time frame, contact us through email or text before ordering.