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The BAP Stretcher Assembly comes with the Tension Head and a fixed stretcher-post unit.

  • BAP's redesigned Tension Head now uses Acme threaded rod for more longevity and better action
  • NEW end-pull design means a safer, stronger product with less (can't say 'no') chance of the stretched string popping off.
  • New Design allows for longer strings on one 10' piece of unistrut.
  • The threaded rod is now a 3-piece design that is more economical to service when needed. 
  • BAP jigs are made to stretch strings to 400 lbs, string after string, day after day. 


Do not exceed 400 pounds pressure!

BAP's one-year warranty void if you stretch strings to more than 400 pounds.


Thousands of strings have been built on BAP jigs in pro shops all over the world... 


 BAP's Stretcher Assembly belongs in your shop!

  • The quality of materials and workmanship is top-notch, from the steel stock to the powder coat finish.

  • All Baker Archery Products are made entirely in-house at our home based business. Each one is individually hand made and quality checked every step of the way.

  • Innovative design features found only in Baker Archery Products string jig/stretcher units make string building easier and quicker than ever.  Our ‘EZAdjust’ hardware makes it possible to change setups for different string lengths with no tools. A free-spinning handle on the tension head crank saves time and effort.

  • Each unit is hand-calibrated to 400 pounds.

Stretcher Assembly

  • All Baker Archery Products carry a one-year warranty on part breakage and excessive wear. If something goes wrong in the first year, contact us and we will take care of you.

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