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While online classes are popular nowadays, but there’s a lack of engagement in the virtual interactions that eventually creep in, observe the online assignment help experts. But there are ways these virtual classes can be made more engaging.

On that note, presented below are some of the engaging activities that can be conducted by teachers to boost student engagement. These ideas are all approved by skilled CDR writers too.

· Video recap

Students can create a five-minute video recap of the topics that their teachers have presented during the previous week’s virtual lecture. In turn, teachers can grade their submissions based on creativity and accuracy. This will also provide clarity to students on various topics when they think, “How do I accounting assignment help?”

Students can get creative and share their understanding in the form of poems and skits, believe paper help experts.

· Pretend reporter

For each class, teachers can choose a new group of students and let one volunteer or ask one to be the reporter. This is a great activity, according to the writers from the Academic Writing services.

Then, the reporter will interview the others in the group on the topics covered in class. Teachers can offer a list of questions for younger students.


Today it feels like just about everyone runs a podcast, is starting one, or is thinking about starting one. Encourage your students to record their own podcasts.

You can ask students to pair up for this task, providing them with the scope for remote collaboration, allowing them to involve members of their family.

· Virtual talent show

Maintain a schedule where every day, a few students share their talents. This can be anything, from playing an instrument, singing, telling funny jokes, etc.

Students must be notified ahead of time when they will be performing, so they can prepare in advance.

· Create a meme

Memes have undoubtedly become a primary source of cultural exchange for people the world over. In fact, the most enduring memes always consist of absolute truth and humanity to relate with the masses.

Let students create their own memes about significant breakthroughs in a specific subject, then ask them to explain their memes in a short paper.

· Concept trials

In this method, students can pair up with one of their classmates so teachers can assign each pair a concept from the course curriculum.

One student can serve as the prosecution, questioning the historical significance and validity of the concept, and one as the defence, speaking in support of the concept.

· Virtual Trivia

Virtual Trivia is an excellent way to test your class’s knowledge on a particular topic. First, gather a list of trivia questions and answers.

Then, divide the class into teams, who will compete to answer the most questions quickly and correctly.

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These ideas will help make online classes much more engaging.

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