Pre-stretch strings up to 400 lbs without need of an air compressor.

  • Acme thread means even more durablility!
  • Smooth spinning bearings, Acme threaded rod  and crank handle save time and effort.   
  • Each unit hand-calibrated for accurate poundage.
  • Sliding hook is made with double nuts to eliminate slipping. 
  • Lipped pins prevent strings from popping off.


                                   Do Not Exceed 400 lbs.

               BAP's 1 Year Warranty is void if you exceed the wight limit.



Manual (Airless) Stretcher

Manual Stretcher Qty
  • BAP Guarantees it's products for 1 year from purchase. If you need replacement parts in that time frame, contact us through email or text before ordering. 

  • Our jigs and other string making tools are made one-at-a-time in our home shop. While this results in a top-quality product, it takes time. Please plan on up to a 10 day fulfillment period.


BAP Products are made one-at-a-time in our home shop.

This results in a top-quality product, but it takes time.

Please allow a 10 day fulfillment period after placing your order.

Thank You!