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                               For Ball Mount and Pro Shop Vises


 Are you out of your workshop? With our NEW TabletopVise Clamp, you can work on bows without damaging the work surface (i.e. hotel room desk, kitchen counter, etc.). Can also be used with a bow press.


Securely attach a vise to any surface less than 2.5" thick- wood, metal, tile, etc.

Non-marking rubber protects surfaces and grips to provide a super sturdy mounting platform.


NOTE: 2 sizes of screws to mount your vise to the clamp are included:

 Use 5/8" screws for a Ball-Mount Vise without Micro Adjuster

Use 3/8" screws to mount a ProShop Vise 


      a Ball Mount Vise with a Micro Adjuster

Tabletop Vise Clamp


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