• Stretch up to 5 strings at once in a MOVEABLE workspace that only takes up 30 square feet
  • Kit contains all hardware, casters and brackets to make your own string building station- just add unistrut!
  • Additional strut can be added to the legs for stretchers
  • Strut is not included

For full explanations, watch our YouTube video:


Unistrut Workstation Kit

  • As seen at Las Vegas NFAA shoots 2019 and 2020!

    Build a 10' string building station with BAP's Strut Work Station Kit. Our kit contains EVERYTHING you need to build except the unistrut.

    Strut material can be purchased from local home improvement stores.

    Fastenal is another good place to buy.  Single strut SKU 48124, double strut SKU 0133366

    2 or 3-10' pieces will get you started-If you use single strut you need 2 full length  and the third one cut in 30" pieces. If you use double strut (recommended) you need 1 of those and one single strut cut to 4-30" lengths.

    Station can be easily expanded to accommodate more stretchers with additional pieces of strut attached to the legs-no other special hardware needed.