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BAP's Swinging Layout Jigs:

  • Rotates in line with strut and locks for easy string layout
  • Dual knob locking feature
  • Locks to strut for consistent alignment
  • 1/4" pins for AMO standard measuring
  • Mount to 1-5/8" unistrut (widely available at home improvement/plumbing)


Our Heavy Wide Swinging  2-Post Jig:

10" outside of pin to outside of pin

1" thick posts

1/2" plate steel post base


Choose 2- or 4-post options from the drop-down menu.

ONLY the stretcher assembly is designed for stretching to 400 pounds.

Our Layout Jigs are not intended to stretch strings at more than 150 pounds.

Doing so will void your warranty.

Swinging Layout Jigs

  • BAP Guarantees its products for 1 year from purchase. If you need replacement parts in that time frame, contact us through email or text before ordering.

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