BAP's Swinging Layout Jigs:

  • Rotates in line with strut and locks for easy string layout
  • Dual knob locking feature
  • Locks to strut for consistent alignment
  • 1/4" pins for AMO standard measuring
  • Mount to 1-5/8" unistrut (widely available at home improvement/plumbing)


Choose from:

  • 2-post or 4-post regular:
    • 8" post width
    • can stretch up to 100 lbs
  • 2-post or 4-post heavy wide:
    • 10" post width
    • 1" posts & 1/2" base thickness
    • can stretch up to 150 lbs

Swinging Layout Jigs

  • BAP Guarantees its products for 1 year from purchase. If you need replacement parts in that time frame, contact us through email or text before ordering.