Welcome to BAP!

Baker Archery Products is family-owned and operated in Southern Idaho. BAP is more than just a company, we are a family and community of archery-enthusiasts. We believe in top notch customer service- we are always here to answer your questions and assist you. Find out why BAP String Jigs are a staple in bow shops all over the world!

Why put BAP Products in your shop?

Handmade, one at a time in Idaho. We are truly a home-based business.  

Top Quality Materials. Our products are built of high quality steel and powder-coated for durability.

Expert Craftsmanship. BAP products are fabricated and finished in-house by a detail-oriented team.

Innovative Designs. Make string-building faster and easier with tool-less adjustments and handy accessories. 

Market Tested. Products tested by professional string-builders. Our jigs have produced thousands of strings for professional customers. 

BAP provides the BEST customer service around!