Now offering a choice of regular Swinging or Fixed 4-Post Jigs OR

                                                   Heavy Wide Swinging or Fixed 4-Post Jigs  in your package

                   -see the fixed or swinging layout post pages for specs.

Select your option from the drop down menu.


Do not exceed 100 lbs of tension if using with regular jigs, or 150 lbs with the heavy jigs. This will void your warranty.



Ready to go Pro? This huge package has everything you need to take your string building to the next level!

Package Includes:

  • Stretcher Assembly
  •  4-Post jig in 4 styles
  • String Clamps
  • String Separators
  • Measuring Bundle-Heavy/Wide post option includes upgrade to 12" ruler
  • Stick-On Tape Measure
  • Spring Lock

For more info about the products in this package, check out the descriptions on the Products page!

Pro Shop Package

  • BAP Guarantees its products for 1 year from purchase. If you need replacement parts in that time frame, contact us through email or text before ordering.